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Everything You Need To Know About The Menstrual Cup

Your menstrual period doesn't have to be a nightmare! Discover all the benefits of using menstrual cups and learn how to revolutionize your period. If you could give your opinion about your own period what would you say? I would give you some advice: use a menstrual cup!  But, for most women, it may seem that the thing is not that simple, after all, we are full of phases, as well as our bodies. We have long been conditioned to adapt to what is offered in the market, as in the case of external pads and internal tampons. We just got used to it!  However, the world is in a constant revolution, as are our minds. So, in this article,...

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Top 10 Curiosities About The Menstrual Cup

Today is the day that we clarify the major curiosities about our menstrual cup! 1. What is the minimum age to start using a cup?Menstrual cups can be used from the first menstruation, including virgin women. 2. I got a heavy and intense flow, which cup should I choose?The cup models are recommended according to the age and if you have given birth vaginally. The intensity of the flow influences how often you should change and wash your cup. The maximum time of use is 12 hours, but for heavier and intense flows it can be reduced to 6 or 8 hours. 3. I'm younger than 30 but I have a kid, which cup should I choose? Our recommendation is...

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