Everything You Need To Know About The Menstrual Cup

Your menstrual period doesn't have to be a nightmare! Discover all the benefits of using menstrual cups and learn how to revolutionize your period.

If you could give your opinion about your own period what would you say? I would give you some advice: use a menstrual cup! 

But, for most women, it may seem that the thing is not that simple, after all, we are full of phases, as well as our bodies.

We have long been conditioned to adapt to what is offered in the market, as in the case of external pads and internal tampons. We just got used to it! 

However, the world is in a constant revolution, as are our minds. So, in this article, I will tell you all about the opportunity to transform the way you see menstrual blood and you will understand why.

What is a menstrual cup?

Never heard of that term? You are definitely wasting time! I even like to put a synonym for it: freedom.

And forget about those advertisements of women running in white clothes, with the menstrual cup you can go much further than that.

The famous cup, or not so famous, is shaped like a mini cup, with a small stem that helps to remove it when placed in the vaginal canal.

Oops! One minute! Will I put a cup inside my vagina? Yes, you will! And you will thank me very much for that.

Instead of absorbing your period, adding a lot of blood to a piece of synthetic stuff, who knows what, the cup will “guard” your flow, being able to guarantee protection for up to 12hours. 

The raw material of our menstrual cup Fleurity is from America just like the assembling, but the manufacturing is in Brazil!

Medical grade silicone (hypoallergenic) is super malleable, making folds (we'll talk more about them) easier. In addition, you won't even notice that you are in your period, because you will not feel anything at all! Awesome, right?

Another good news is that you can wash and use again, again, again and again… making your consumption sustainable and much more economical, since you will not be disposing any non-recyclable materials in nature or buying endless packs of pads.

Now you will be shocked: if you take good care of your cup, it can last for up to 10 years! That's what I call saving money, ladies and gentlemen.

What is it for?

As a "first-timer", you must be asking yourself the question above, but don't worry, I'll explain.

The menstrual cup is for you to take control of your period, feel beautiful, light, dry, and safe.

It also avoids that famous phrase "friend, I'm going to get up and you look if it leaked". When you learn the folds it will be very easy to put and take out your cup, ensuring that it fulfills its essential role: collecting menstrual blood.

If you are a fan of holistic things and controversial menstrual blood rituals, it will also be a strong ally. We know that “fertilizing your plants with menstrual blood” is being an option for many women who want to reframe the disgust of menstruation and reconnect with themselves and with nature. 

It's up to you!

Menstruation has always been a big taboo for most people, nowadays we can even talk openly about this.

When we throw away a tampon, we are also throwing our blood away: in the trash! The menstrual cup allows you to respect your moment, with the removal of the cup being able to be done even during the bath. 

Much better, isn't it?

Main advantages

What a pleasure to list the advantages of the Fleurity menstrual cup, there are so many that our chat will flow naturally!

Ecological and money-saving: Good for your pocket and for the environment!

Did you know that we use around 10,000 units of absorbent throughout the female cycle, from menarche (first menstruation) to menopause?

With the menstrual cup the purchase of this huge amount of pads will not be necessary, after all, it lasts up to 10 years!

In addition, you are taking care of the environment!

The disposal of the traditional tampon during the female “menstrual life” can generate approximately 300lb of garbage!

Multiply that by the number of women in the world and be shocked. With Fleurity you can do it differently. 

Flow under control: A great surprise! 

You curious, right? We often think that our flow is too intense, it lasts too long, it bothers too much… however, this is all the result of the traditional pad. 

It does not respect the natural flow of your body and ends up leaving some menstrual residues trapped in your vaginal canal. In this way, it gives the impression that the menstrual blood goes down for a longer time since it is not completely eliminated.

Practical and comfortable: You feel nothing!

Different from what we got used to, the menstrual cup provides a very pleasant feeling: feeling nothing!

When placed correctly, it adapts to your body, making you not even realize that you are using a cup, sometimes, I even forget that I'm in my period!

Hygienic and healthy: No diaper rash or infections!

The traditional pad (external) leaves the blood in direct contact with the skin and also with oxygen. This mixture generates blood clotting and facilitates the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, which can cause various vaginal problems.

The tampon (the one with the string) absorbs your natural lubrication, drying out and interfering with vaginal PH.

The menstrual cup is the only one that can avoid all of these concerns! When inserted correctly, it holds the blood at the bottom of the cup, avoiding contact with the skin and still forms a vacuum, which prevents the blood from getting in contact with the oxygen.

The difference that it makes to your intimate health is no joke!

Freedom and security: You can even swim with it!

With the menstrual cup, you will be able to practice different types of physical activity, swim, go to the beach, wear any type of clothes without worrying if the string decides to show up! 

The cup, when placed correctly, can stay in your vagina for up to 12h!

No allergy: Made of Medical grade silicone! 

Many women tend to be allergic to the materials used in the manufacture of traditional pads. What will never happen with your cup, because it is made of hypoallergenic medical silicone, ideal for being in direct contact with your vagina. 

It is the same material used in making pacifiers and baby bottles and also in surgical materials!

So, think twice before buying a cup of dubious origin... 

Without being taken by surprise

All women have been through the following situation: during the menstrual period, you went to the bathroom, looked into all the cabinets, and also in your purse, and nothing! You forgot to get a new pack the last time you used them. 

Forget about that! The menstrual cup is reusable! However, don't forget to clean your hands thoroughly before handling your private parts, they need care! 

Self-knowledge: You are connected to your body!

The practice of using the menstrual cup takes us to another level, of knowing ourselves. After all, you will be more connected with your own period, your vulva, and the vaginal canal, further strengthening the female bond.

Besides that, you will be in direct contact with your menstrual blood, pure, clean, with color, smell, and texture. A fantastic stage of discoveries!

I'm suspicious to speak, but I'm passionate about menstruation, but if you don't have that intimacy with yourself, that's fine too! We women were born to be different and accept each other in the best way. Your body, your rules!

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