Top 10 Curiosities About The Menstrual Cup

Today is the day that we clarify the major curiosities about our menstrual cup!

1. What is the minimum age to start using a cup?
Menstrual cups can be used from the first menstruation, including virgin women.

2. I got a heavy and intense flow, which cup should I choose?
The cup models are recommended according to the age and if you have given birth vaginally. The intensity of the flow influences how often you should change and wash your cup. The maximum time of use is 12 hours, but for heavier and intense flows it can be reduced to 6 or 8 hours.

3. I'm younger than 30 but I have a kid, which cup should I choose?

Our recommendation is Model 2, after pregnancy, the vaginal canal suffers a natural dilatation and it becomes less rigid. But this varies among women. Our strongest recommendation is for you to Model 1 and a Model 2 and try it for yourself! This way you can try both and choose the most comfortable one!

4. Can I use it if I'm in post-delivery?
Yes, if quarantine is being respected.

5. But the blood is accumulating there, how can it be hygienic?
The cup has a format that makes a vacuum, to keep the blood inside there and not have any contact with oxygen. This way keeping yourself safe, avoiding allergies, and bacteria.

6. Reusable? That's gross!
The reuse of a menstrual cup is totally safe, as long as the recommendations are followed. Wash your cup with neutral soap after using it, and sterilize in boiling water to use it in a new cycle.

7. Can my friend and I share our cups?
No, the cup is for individual use! It shouldn't be shared in any way!

8. Can I sleep with it inside?
Yes, you can! If the maximum time, of 12 hours, is respected. And no, your blood won't flow back into your body if you sleep with the cup!

9. Will the cup stretch my vaginal canal?
No, the cup won't stretch your vaginal canal! Besides being super comfortable to use, or also very beneficial for feminine intimate health, it does not absorb menstruation and natural lubrication of the vaginal canal. It is there just to keep your blood and leave your intimate region protected.

10. It looks so good, but what about washing it in a public restroom?

It is much simpler than you imagine. Just go in there, remove the cup and throw the blood in there. Then, dry it with toilet paper and or roll it up, go to sin with your neutral soap and sanitize your cup. After that, you just have to put it back in! 

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