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It's flexible and adapts easily to your body, making it imperceptible, you even forget that you are using it.

100% Reusable

Reduce waste, prevent contamination, and help the environment!

No leaks

When inserted into your vaginal canal, the cup will form a kind of vacuum that will prevent menstrual blood from leaking.

Fleurity’s focus is exclusively you. In 2018, our Menstrual Cup was FDA Approved, but we decided not to launch it to the market. We decided that we shall have a perfect Menstrual Cup in the United States, so we figured that we needed to test it and develop it first. After 2 years of testing and redeveloping we are finally ready to show you the real meaning of freedom.

Medical Grade Silicone

The best quality medical grade silicone is used to make Fleurity's Cup!

Perfect for practicing sports

Yes, you can practice sports and even swim with our cup on! You won't even feel it!

Not just a cup

Bundle up with our sterilizer cup and leave the pan out of this!

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